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Growing up on a farm always had me dreaming of doing adventurous travels to other places. I always loved flying and traveling to exciting places, always looking for new adventures. Running businesses kept me busy until I decided I wanted to explore the more exciting things in life. Moving to the Ozark mountains in Arkansas and building a log house from old barns was an experiment in design which lasted five years.

I've always done design work and have a keen eye for trying to make things better. Collecting old decoys and restoring them became a Passion, which led to doing wildlife oil paintings also. The paintings come from real experiences and scenes from the past. Old barns, cabins, landscape's, memorable experiences and Quail hunting on the family farm, is how I get the inspiration for the paintings. Being self taught but with lots of experiences to pull from and with encouragement from friends, things began to blossom.

I do apologize for the delay, but work on the Culver Cadet has been resumed and updates will appear as they happen.

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